Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Contact Paper Collage

This may have been one of my favorite projects all year.  It is a really good one day project with little to no mess or clean up and a great way to use scrap and tissue paper.  The subject of these sculptural collages was Spring, though it could go in so many other directions.  Students got pieces of contact paper that I precut into 8 1/2in by 22in (more or less) sheets.  They were told to fold a crease in the middle and lay the paper open with the sticky side up.  They then peeled away the protective sheet to the crease and were given little pieces of tape to secure each corner to their tables.  At this point, half of the sticky paper is exposed and half is still protected.  On the sticky side, students arranged scraps of tissue paper to create Spring landscapes.  When they were finished, they removed the other half of the protective paper and folded this half over to cover the exposed tissue paper collage.  The finished pieces were kind of magical; students were surprised and amazed that they had created art that they could see through and enjoy from both sides.  Also great was that they had to help each other manipulate and fold the sheets of contact paper.  These would be beautiful hanging from a mobile or in front of windows.  

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