Tuesday, July 10, 2012

let them have tape!

Tape is one of those materials we stow in our desks and out of reach of curious little hands.  I say let them have tape!  For these tape drawings we looked at the work of 20th century abstract artist Piet Mondiran  , best known for his grid paintings.  These kindergartners were then given long strips of pre-cut tape that I stuck to their desks.  They had the choice of cutting the tape down to the length they wanted.  I limited the colors to red, yellow and blue and demonstrated before they started how to create basic geometric shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles) by connecting and overlapping strips of the tape.  It was also great seeing them help eachother carefully lay down the tape so it wouldn't get out of their control.  I used electrical tape from a 99cent store but colorful masking tape would be great too because it is much easier to tear.